Product Distribution to Group Companies

Our reliability comes from our market share in
production, which is the largest of our industry.

Since 1971 we developed and manufactured contact lenses and contact lens care solution for Menicon Co., Ltd., a pioneer of contact lenses and the biggest manufacturer of its time. Currently, we are producing most of our eye care solution products for Menicon and manufacturing
their contact lenses and craw material for contact lenses.

Product Showcase

  • Care Solutions

    We have successfully produced cleaning solutions/ conditioning solutions/ disinfectant solutions for contact lenses(quasi-drug), and eye drops (pharmaceutical products).


    • epica series
    • Color Contact Care
    • Antibacterial O2 Care Milfa
    • O2 Care Amino Sora
  • Contact Lenses

    We use injection resin molding to manufacture contact lenses.


    • 2WEEK Menicon Duo
    • 2WEEK Menicon Rei
    • 2WEEK Menicon Rei Toric
    • Monthwear
    • Monthwear Toric
    • General Medical Device for Animals Meni-One
  • Molded Products

    We manufacture the cases and caps for our products.
    Moldings materials used for products are mostly manufactured in-house.


    • Contact Lens Cases
    • Other Cases
  • Contact Lens Blanks

    We manufacture contact lens blanks.We have established a high quality management system with the approval of the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).


    • Contact Lens Blanks

We are proud of being Made In Gujo
Our world-class technical capacity and developing
capabilities for the Menicon brand

Our factory in Gujo is the key for our product quality. The Gujo Hachiman area is famous for its pure water and clear air.
There we installed brand new machines like the Blow Fill Seal system, and we approved the ISO13485 : which is a quality management system for medical devices that maintains high-quality production.

Business License

  • Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing & DistributingBusiness License
  • Quasi-Drug Products Manufacturing & Distributing Business License
  • Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing Business License
  • Quasi-Drug Products Manufacturing Business License
  • Pharmaceutical Products Distributing Business License
  • Medical Devices Manufacturing & Distributing Business License
  • Medical Devices Manufacturing Business License
  • Veterinary Medical Devices Manufacturing & Distributing Business License
  • Specially Controlled Medical Devices Distributing Business License
  • Veterinary Medical Devices Manufacturing Business License
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing Business License

ISO13485 Certified

Our Quality Control System

  • Production/Quality Control based on GMP and QMS
  • Work standardization by quality manual and SOP
  • Traceable products, inspection and quality records
  • FDA-approved quality control level which meets the global standard
  • Rigorous training plans for our employees and quality control by PDCA cycle.

Worldwide Distribution

We provide our products to Japan and to countries around the globe.

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