Guidelines for transparency with medical institutions

All of our business activities shall be followed by “Code of Ethical Practice”, “Charter of Corporate Behavior”, “Medical Equipment Industry Promotion Code” and “Transparency Guidelines with Medical Institutions in the Medical Equipment Industry” prescribed by the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Association, as well as followed by “Medical Equipment Industry Fair Competition Code”and its spirit prescribed by the Medical Equipment Industry Fair Trade Council. We determine guidelines on the transparency with medical institutions as follows. We, as a member of Menicon Group, have developed products whose top priority has always been the safety of our customers’ eyes, and created higher levels of safety standards. We, as a member of medical equipment-related industry where high morality is required, research life sciences including medicine and medical engineering and put them to practical use. We enhance transparency of the relations with medical institutions which is vital for dissemination of the proper use of contact lenses. We aim to become a company that obtains a higher trust from society. We disclose the information on funding for medical institutions based on this guideline. Regarding our business activities on medical-related products in the new business areas, we operate in accordance with this standard.

Disclosure period and method

The fiscal year of 2014 (the period from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015) will be disclosed on our web site after the earnings announcement for the year. Subsequently we will publish the year track record in the next fiscal year. The published period will assume one year.

Scope and contents of disclosure

The scope and content of the information on fundings for medical institutions that we disclose will be as follows.

A. Research, development and other costs.

This includes the cost of various tests, reports, surveys which are carried out under the government regulations (clinical trials, drug trials, post-marketing clinical trials, non-conformance/infected case reports, the post-marketing surveillance) and researches as its own conduct.
* Collaborative research expenses Annual total amount
* Sponsored research expenses Annual total amount
* Clinical trial expenses Annual total amount
* Expenses for post-marketing clinical trials Annual total amount
* Expenses for non-conformance/infected case reports Annual total amount
* Post-marketing surveillance expenses Annual total amount

B. Academic research grant expenses

This includes scholarship donations and general donations which are carried out for the purpose of academic promotion and research grant of medical technology, as well as Society donations and Society co-hosted expenses to support academic meetings.
* Scholarship donations __ University __ classroom: __ quantity __ Yen
* General donations __ University (__ Foundation): __ quantity __ Yen
* Society donation the__th __ Society (__ district meetings · __ Study Group): __ Yen
* Post-marketing surveillance expenses Annual total amount

C. Manual writing fees

This includes expenses on lectures and manuscript writing for the provision of information about the proper use of our medical equipment and consulting and outsourcing related costs.
* Lecturer honorarium __ University (__ Hospital) __ Department of__ Professor (Director): __ quantity__ Yen.
* Manuscript writing fees /supervision fee __ University (_ Hospital) __ Department of __ Professor (Director): __ quantity __ Yen.
* Consulting outsourcing expenses. __ University (__ Hospital) __ Department of __ Professor (Director): __ quantity __ Yen.

D. Information provision associated costs:

This includes expenses on lecture meetings and briefing sessions necessary for proper use of our medical equipment for medical personnel.
* Expenses on lecture meetings the number of lectures/ Annual total amount
* Expenses on briefing sessions the number of lectures/ Annual total amount
* Expenses for providing Medicine and medical engineering relevant literature the number of lectures/Annual total amount

E. Other expenses

Entertainment expenses as a social courtesy
*Entertainment expenses Annual total amount

Disclosure Information

Funding status to the medical institutions(2015 fiscal year)

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