The Meaning of NECT

Four thoughts that we put into NECT.

Our customers have been asking us “What is the messagebehind NECT?” and “What is the meaning of NECT?”
We are confident to say “Our message and passion is to provide better products and services to our customers. We have been and always will be enthusiastic and hardworking, gaining higher technological capacity, developing our capabilities, and proposing new products and services. This enables us to be a valuable company to every single customer.”

  • Novelty

    We always propose new products and services with our innovative ideas and views.

  • Enthusiasm

    We respond to any problem our customers face with speed and great enthusiasm.

  • Challenge

    We are not afraid to try new things in order to provide better products and services.

  • Technology

    Our world-class technological capacity, developing capabilities, and production system have built our Menicon brand.

Company Slogan

More Unique Life.


More Unique Life

We at Menicon Nect would like to deliver “a more unique life” to our customers.

“Unique” is a beautiful word which originally means “being only one,” “special,” and ”irreplaceable”

We have been caring for many customers’ eyes.
We provide irreplaceable eye solutions that supports a richer and better lifestyle.

We make every single customer's life more unique .

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