Developing Our Original Products

We develop original items that support eye care.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing original items for a new eye care lifestyle, which includes contact lens related products such as the total care brand of contact lens asumi™, the color contact lenses mime™ that are 100% made in Japan, and eye-friendly drip coffee LUTEIN & ME™ for people who tend to overuse their eyes due to widespread screen usage in recent years.

In the future, we will grow further to become a company that supports everyday life with the eye care as a starting point, and will constantly create new excitements.

All ideas originate from the desire for
customers to feel the joy of seeing and
the pleasure of living.

Specialist for contact lens related products    Product development for total eye care support

What we care about most is whether we really want to use a product when putting ourselves in the user's position.
We are working on developing products that make our lives more comfortable, and to solve the anticipated and current troubles of our customers,
so that they can feel the joy of seeing and the pleasure of living.
We strive to develop original products that add excitement to our industry
with a unique perspective while making full use of our expertise and experience.

Our Original Products

  • Contact lens care products

    asumi™ is an easy to use contact lens total care brand under
    the slogan: "Eye, Smile, Life".

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  • Color contact lenses

    “I want to be someone different from myself, more natural and
    beautiful.” mime™ is a medical devices color contact lenses that Last for 2 weeks which helps women create their desired changes.

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  • Health Food

    Product made from “Menicon Nect Eye Care Project.”
    LUTEIN & ME™ drip coffee is a convenient lutein supplement that
    makes using PCs and smartphones easier in daily life.

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