OEM Project

Our Menicon brand is trustworthy

We provide a contract manufacturing system for our clients, and our established brand of 50 years in the eye care solution and
contact lenses industry provides them excellent service.
The ODM system enables the client to manage the entire process with us, beginning from the production-planning level.
We employ our extensive R&D system for our products, brand new equipment, and
strict quality control system for high-quality and high-value products.

MeniconNect supports your business
opportunity using
our high-standard OEM system

Our developing capacity and proposing
force was built by our established
Menicon brand and it transforms
new ideas into actual products.

BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) Products

The BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) system is technique that is capable of blow molding, aseptically filling, and sealing in one continuous asepsis operation, and provides high quality and hygienic products.

*We produce made-to-order cases according to our client's preferences.

BFS System Detail

Lineups Large Capacity Bottles, Single-Use Small Capacity Bottles
Capacities Large Capacity Bottles 60mL, 70mL, 90mL, 120mL, 300mL, 360mL
Single-Use Small Capacity Bottles 5mL, 6mL, 7mL, 8mL, 10mL, 12mL, 15mL

Form-Filling Products

Our process includes production, liquid filling, installation of inner plugs, and capping, which is executed in clean rooms with strict hygiene control.

*We produce order-made cases according to our
client's preferences.

LineupsColumn Bottles, Narrow Bottles
CapacitiesColumn Bottles 120mL, 240mL, 300mL, 360mL
Narrow Bottles120mL, 300mL 

Molding Items

We provide functional molding items with excellent
design. We supervise the manufacturing process from planning to testing to reviewing.

*We produce made-to-order cases according to our client's preferences.

LineupsSoft Contact Lenses Cases, Hard Contact Lenses Cases and Caps
35t Molding Machine, 50t Molding Machine, 60t molding machine, 150t Molding Machine

OEM Support Flow

We supervise the entire manufacturing process from planning to production, to examinations,
to licensing, and to after care.

  1. 1Hearing
  2. 2Planning
  3. 3Testing and Evaluations
  4. 4Finalizing Product Specifications
  5. 5Estimation
  6. 6Order
  7. 7Licensing
  8. 8Production
  9. 9Inspection and Packing
  10. 10Delivery
  11. 11After Service
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